Thursday, June 23, 2011


Wahahahah... its a long time i didnt update my blog... Is a normal issue ~ BUSSY...

But for the last long week, i think to get an original flashgun that will works with my D90. Before this i used NISSIN  Di866. Its work fine with me and with it i learn how to use extra light to get a good picture.. But after a while, i think that this NISSIN  Di866 flashgun did not give me full potiential of flashgun. Main disadvantage of this Nissin is it will stop fire when the bulb are overheated ( after do 50+/- shoot ) and its will not follow to fire in burst mode. This 2 function is very important when i go for do wedding or engagement job. So i decided to get SB600 since i can get it free & also get extra money for it. It a small flashgun and not as power as SB700 to SB900 but because of its function make me to choose it.. Somemore it a NIKKON... :))

Before :

Now/After :

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Face of Giler Shutter

Miss Chinta Wanda

Mr Jejak Tuah aka Abg Lan

Dewa posing maut

Mr Ghaffar aka Dewa ..............

Mistique Rider aka Dewa Pian

Susun Strategi yeee bang..

Adam Noah the Sony man

Lolli Ohlplipop


Miss lady Lyana